Safety solution for modern heating systems

Mitigates risks related to using modern heat-pumps with R32/R290 refrigerants or boilers burning natural gas or propane-butane

Solution highlights

Optical detection technology

Enables operation for 5 years on a single battery

Low power cellular connectivity

Independent on local Internet infrastructure

Continuous trend analytics

Catches sudden increase of usual hydrocarbon levels

SMS and e-mail alerts

Be notified in few seconds after the accident

Florian gas detector

  • measures concentration of hydrocarbon gases every two seconds
  • evaluates trends and sends notifications
  • may be equipped with two optical gas sensors (methane, R32 or R290)
  • contains air temperature and relative humidity sensor
  • connects directly to the NB-IoT cellular network
  • sends periodic status notifications and alarm notifications when necessary
  • LED light and acoustic actuator for on-site indication of alarm status
  • Powered by Lithium Thionyl Chloride battery (3.6V, 6000mAh)
  • vented ABS housing (96x71x39mm)

Florian Network cloud

  • runs 24/7/365 and listens for notifications from gas sensors
  • provides user interface with device groups and user management
  • indication of detector availability on a map
  • generates alarm if a detector does not contact the service for specified time
  • displays high concertation alarms
  • sends SMS/e-mail notifications

Please check NB-IoT cellular connectivity coverage on the map below. If you country is not on the map we will find a solution.